A Walk around Steep Island will lead you through forest, rocky bluffs, moss covered areas, shorelines with tidal pools, with beautiful views up and down Discovery Passage,

A beginner hike, needing a good pair of walking shoes, takes about 20 to 25 min depending on how many stops of interest you make.

At low tide the southern tip of the island has tidal pools filled with all kinds of creatures, and there is a good chance to see seals or sealions basking in the sun on the rocks.

We have 3 pairs of resident eagles on the island so there is a lot of action, from building nests, feeding off the waters and teaching their young to fly.....there is always something going on.

Huge Douglas Fir trees, elegant arbutus, mosses, ferns and wildflowers as well as the shore life are all a part of this islands ecosystem.

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